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Measuring Your Retirement Readiness

Being prepared for your upcoming retirement is about more than nurturing your nest egg. While it is easy to consider building up your egg as the hardest part, it is truly only the beginning of your journey as a retiree. In truth, there are just as many mistakes to be made post-retirement, even if you have saved correctly, as there are pre-retirement.
Here are a few important steps to make sure are completed before you declare retirement readiness.

Know Everything About Social Security
A complete understanding about Social Security is a good thing to factor into your overall preparedness. You should understand the downside of taking Social Security early and how to help maximize your benefits. There is no reason to neglect benefits even if you are decently wealthy. Even Warren Buffet collects social security benefits.

Avoid Last-minute Estate Planning
Estate planning should be done as soon as possible, especially if you have any particular wishes you want respected. Waiting too long is a big mistake as sudden illnesses or lucidity problems can eliminate your opportunity. Work out all necessary information as early as you can, and update often.

Have A Capable Financial Advisor
Your financial advisor’s help with planning and your retirement portfolio should never feel like a once and done type of affair. Investment and economic climates change, as do applicable tax laws that may affect your portfolio over time. A competent advisor can keep you up to date on changes that can affect your overall plan. If your plan is not working out, there should be no struggle with pursuing a different avenue. As this is an integral part of your future income potential, you should do all you can to hire a capable advisor.

Be Prepared For Taxes And Inflation
It is a big mistake to head into retirement as if the world is static. Changes can and do happen on a regular basis and should be planned for. This is why stretching your budget too close to your overall limit is a risky game to play. Taxes are another issue that are all too often out of sight, out of mind. Do your research and you can avoid being caught by surprise by either of these factors with some appropriate preparation.

Preparing for retirement can be quite daunting and even a little bit difficult with its many expectations and potential surprises. Unfortunately, there is no easy way out or fast track that may allow you to skip the necessary steps to being knowledgeable and well-equipped. Your hope for a seamless shift into the retirement lifestyle with as few financial hiccups as possible is adequate preparation and a financial planner to assist you. When your future matters, contact our professional team at BD Financial Concepts.