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Should You Include Moving In Your Retirement Plans?

Retirement is exciting and doubtlessly filling your mind with the things you shall do with all your newfound freedom. One of the bigger questions you might ask yourself is whether or not you wish to move once you retire. You may find yourself quite attached to your own home and if so, there is certainly nothing wrong with staying put. For those who wish to venture to new places or communities, retirement is simply the beginning of an all-new exciting journey in your life. Check out our list of the best places to retire, both here and abroad.
Within The United States
If leaving the country permanently isn’t your cup of tea, there are a wealth of comfortable retirement options within the states. While Florida has consistently ranked as the number one retirement destination in the country, you may be looking for a change of pace if you already live there. Austin, Texas takes second place as an ideal location for retirees. The city has a large number of parks and enough entertainment and recreational options to please even the pickiest of individuals. If being out and about is your goal, Austin may well be the city for you. If calm, quiet, and relaxing is your aim, Lancaster, Pennsylvania is another beloved city to retire in.

Best Retirement Destinations Abroad
Panama has long been a popular destination to retire, and for many good reasons. The cost of living is far lower than the United States, available health care is high quality and more reasonably priced, and it still uses the U.S. Dollar as currency. The list of benefits of living the good life in Panama is nearly endless, and it is one of the best places to retire for those with lower incomes and modest levels of savings. As a downside, the language barrier can be unbearable for some, particularly if you are seeking a vibrant social life. Other hot spot locations worth looking into are Costa Rica and Portugal. These countries are consistently voted as prime locations to retire by other retirees living overseas.

There are many factors to consider when choosing an ideal city, state, or even country to retire in. Your preferred climate, distance from friends and family, and overall budget for living expenses will make some locations better than others. Retirees who want nothing more than easy access to the peaceful great outdoors or sunny beaches may not care for a bustling metropolis with a limitless supply of attractions. It will be up to you to find what drives you and go for it. For financial planning that can help you reach your retirement goals, contact BD Financial Concepts.