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Tax Planning Isn’t Just For Large Businesses

Far too many people envision tax planning as something undertaken by large businesses, and rarely used by the average person, family or small business. While it is true that larger businesses naturally have a lot to gain from tax planning services, small business owners and even individuals may be surprised at how much they could save.
Another common mistake is leaving your planning to the last second, causing it to be less of planning and more of rushing around trying to compile your records. There is a far better way to go about planning your taxes and once you get into a routine, it should work smoothly year after year. Take advantage of these tips to help you begin.

Be Proactive With Tax Planning
Waiting until a month or two to begin your tax planning is a mistake, as it is far too late to make any changes which could substantially reduce your tax burden. It is simply reactive to the upcoming due date. By being proactive with your taxes, especially as a small business, you stand to benefit much more as you may already have a concrete savings picture in mind. This is where a financial advisor can help. Your financial advisor can work with you to create a customized tax efficient investment strategy so you can leave that last minute tax season rushing in the dust. Being proactive has an additional benefit when it comes to changing tax rules. It allows you to adjust and respond as soon as possible to keep your savings on track, or to take advantage of new tax savings opportunities.

Take Advantage Of Consultations
Hiring a financial advisor can seem like an unnecessary expense at first glance, and you may be unsure of what benefit it can provide. Many financial advisors offer free or low-cost consultations to new customers and this can help you gauge their worth before the investment. Come with questions to get a good feel for whether or not this option can work out for you. Bear in mind that your financial advisor is only as good as the information you provide and what is available to them. Poor record keeping on your end can impact or at the very least, slow down the progress of any tax planning services they provide.

Staying Informed
Keeping yourself informed of the changing tax landscape and what it means for you is the single largest step you can take to get your tax planning on the right track. Major changes such as the Tax Cuts And Jobs Act, can truly shift your overall strategy and tax burden. Any available benefits might not be much use to you if you are not aware enough to take advantage of them. Having a financial advisor can take much of the worry out of this step as they can help you determine the course of action or adjustment.

Tax planning does not have to be a stressful experience. BD Financial Concepts has the experienced professionals you need to help you create and execute a strategic tax efficient investment plan that can save you money and reduce tax season frustration. To learn how we can help, contact BD Financial Concepts.