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What To Look For In A Financial Planner

A financial planner is a vital ally in protecting your financial future. Having a trusted financial planner becomes even more important as the years go by. Although it is never too late to make a positive difference, the most useful financial planning strategy is long-term.
No matter if you’re starting your career or downsizing your home before retirement, the right financial planner can offer you knowledgeable insight and peace of mind.

In a crowded world of financial services firms, how can you choose the right one?

At BD Financial Concepts, we believe you deserve to make an informed decision – no matter whether you decide to partner with us.

With that in mind, our team has compiled a list of indispensable traits to look for.

1. Experience In The Field And With Your Concerns
You shouldn’t trust your financial planning to industry newcomers, especially if you’re thinking about an investment portfolio or planning for retirement. It takes years of study to get key finance credentials and years more to build a record of success. Although they can’t discuss other clients, firms should be able to describe their average rates of return.

2. A Great Reputation (Online And Off)
These days, it’s easier than ever to get information on how a business really treats its customers. It may seem cliche, but something as simple as Yelp.com can really help you discover where a firm’s strengths and weaknesses lie. Note: Every business has some negative online feedback, but it’s a good sign when negative comments are handled in a prompt, professional manner.

Industry-specific resources like BrokerCheck (a FINRA service) can also help here.

3. A Clear, Effective Process For Financial Planning
Any good financial planning team has an established and effective process for architecting their clients’ sound financial future. A firm’s process is the result of years of insight applied to many different customers in different market conditions. If it seems like a firm does not have a plan, you might be looking at inexperienced principals or an outsourcing-heavy workflow.

4. Complete Answers To All Your Questions
Financial planners who truly have your interests at heart are more focused on whether they can serve you than whether they can sell you on services. They should be able to give you complete, confident answers to all of your questions. Just as importantly, you should never be made to feel ignorant for asking a question about your financial situation or the financial field.

It’s always a good sign when a financial planner offers a free consultation to discuss your needs.

At BD Financial Concepts, we strive to embody an ethos of personalized service that makes our clients confident in us – and their finances – for years to come.

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