Each and every portfolio is carefully constructed and managed based on your goals.

We start by helping to establish your portfolio.

Building a portfolio requires professional advice and careful planning. If you have not established a portfolio for retirement, we consider the status of your retirement accounts, taxes and expenses​.

Developing An Understanding Of Your 401k And 403b

We ensure that you’re making the maximum contribution, which is a pre-requisite for opening other retirement accounts.

Learning The Current Status Of Your Taxes With A CPA

This step is crucial to understanding what type of financial accounts (i.e. non-qualified) suits your needs.

Next, we'll work to develop your portfolio.

Maintaining a portfolio requires careful attention and active discussion. If you have an established portfolio and wish to increase your income for retirement, we consider your retirement goals.

Determining If Your Assets Are Sufficient For Funding Retirement

We’ll work with you on your approach and help determine whether your approach should be aggressive or conservative.

Considering The Lifestyle You Wish To Lead During Your Retirement

Depending on how much disposable income you envision having in retirement, we may suggest an alternative approach.

Finally, we'll show you how to protect your portfolio.

If you have a well-developed, diversified portfolio and wish to conserve your assets, we consider what type of approach best suits the protection of your portfolio.

Analyzing All Of Your Portfolio And Your Retirement Goals

Because conservative portfolios should be approached with sincere caution, we will compare your guaranteed income to expected expenses during retirement and advise you accordingly.

Evaluating Which Financial Vehicles Will Work Best For You

Regardless of your portfolio’s health, it’s important to incorporate growth to account for future inflation. While the primary goal is protection, there are infrequent opportunities to yield returns.