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Protecting your portfolio.

Preserving the growth and development of your retirement planning ensures the quality of your retirement and the appropriate allocation of your assets. By considering the following financial components, you can add valuable protection to your financial portfolio and assets.

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Long-Term Care

Securing the future of your retirement includes planning for medical and health expenses. This means planning beyond medicaid or employer insurance and including long term care insurance. By adding the appropriate insurance policies to your portfolio, we can improve the health of your future.

Life Insurance

Creating security in your portfolio includes the security of your loved ones’ future. We can help you maintain your family’s standard of living and cover your estate costs by seeking policies that provide between 5 and 7 times your gross annual income.


Another type of asset protection, trusts often provide benefits such as tax deferrals, deductions, and the prevention of probate. By incorporating trusts into your portfolio, you will secure the future of your assets.

IRA Legacy Planning

A strategy based on legacy planning helps to reduce taxes and increase the payout your beneficiaries will inherit upon your death.

Estate Planning

Working with experienced estate planning professionals will help create an effective financial strategy to allocate your inherited estate. It also ensures properly executed wills that prevent government intervention.

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